Goods from the farm


We cherish food that earns its name. Without means enjoying what has been naturally grown, prudently harvested and with love and care made into a fine delicacy: delightful – conscious – regional.


Farm Shop

100 % real nature – 100 % from hand – 100 % quality

In our small farm shop you will find selected products of our own making. The assortment varies according to the season, availability and harvest. 

Our most important prouduct fields are the following:

  • Fine fruit spreads
  • Compotes
  • Fruit and flower syrups
  • Herbal salts from wild herbs and from garden herbs
  • Dilutions from sugar
  • Herbal teas
  • Diverse oils: composed of valuable oil with our herbs


The Hearty Farm Snack

The typical and traditional snack: experienced with all the senses, sophisticated, feel, the incomparable taste on your tongue that takes you to another world…

A strengthening  - a pleasure – a piece of South Tyrol